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Changsheng Quan

A PhD Student of Computer Science


When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


[4] Changsheng Quan and Xiaofei Li. 2021. Multi-channel Narrow-Band Deep Speech Separation with Full-band Permutation Invariant Training. arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.05966 (2021). [examples and introduction] [code] [pdf]

[3] Changsheng Quan and Ping Guo. 2021. A local search method based on edge age strategy for minimum vertex cover problem in massive graphs. Expert Systems with Applications 182, (November 2021), 115185. DOI: [code]


[2] Ping Guo, Changsheng Quan, and Haizhu Chen. 2019. MEAMVC: A Membrane Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving Minimum Vertex Cover Problem. IEEE Access 7, (2019), 60774–60784. DOI: [code]

[1] Ping Guo, Changsheng Quan, and Lian Ye. 2019. UPSimulator: A general P system simulator. Knowledge-Based Systems 170, (April 2019), 20–25. DOI: [code]

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